One of the Southwest’s most breathtaking man-made and natural wonders is Lake Mead, sitting just outside Las Vegas. this outstanding national park in any one of our limousines.

A product of the mighty Hoover Dam to the south, Lake Mead is the largest man made reservoir in the country. spanning the length of 110 miles, with 759 miles of coastline, and is 532 feet at it’s deepest point. The lake offers many water activities, such as boating and waterskiing, swimming, fishing and scuba diving. Lake Mead also provides a vast area to go hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and camping amongst many other things. Hunting is even allowed in designated areas. In it’s creation, the lake engulfed several small towns in it’s path, ruins of which can be seen when the water level drops. On the bottom also lies the wreck of a B-29 bomber plane, which crash landed in 1948. This incredible body of water works symbiotically with the Hoover Dam to provide fresh water and electricity for places as near as Las Vegas, to most of Nevada and Arizona, all the way out 300 miles west to Southern California.
So take a trip in our Limousines to cool off from the desert in the massive Lake Mead.

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